Your Consultation Session

 Preparing for weight loss surgery involves evaluations and recommendations by several health care professionals. They may include a bariatric physician, a bariatric surgeon, a nutritionist and a psychologist. This team works together to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Let’s assume that you have a good understanding by now of the treatment plan that is best for you. Your bariatric surgeon has reviewed the procedures with you (gastric bypass, Lap-Band and/or gastric sleeve surgery). You havejointly decided on the best surgical procedure for your particular situation, taking into account the risks, the life-changing effects you can expect afterward and whether the procedure will be covered by your Medical Aid, such as Discovery Health’s top line options.

 1. Bring to the appointment a list of prescription pharmaceuticals, over-the counter drugs and herbal or vitamin supplements you are taking.

2. Prepare to review your medical history, providing the names and phone numbers of physicians you are seeing or have seen recently.

3.Dr du Toit and Dr Funnell will provide you with all the information you need during your consultation session with them.

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