I had a Gastric Bypass…so now what?

You have made the commitment to a lifestyle change. You have had bariatric surgery and now find yourself with a lot more questions than answers. The big-gest question after surgery usually is:
I had a Gastric Bypass…so now what?
No doubt you will need to make some serious lifestyle changes and here are some mi-nor but significant suggestions:


  • Once you can eat vegetables and fruits, toss a colorful salad – Try to add color and add a veggie or a fruit you may not have tried before.
  • Make sure you also take care of yourself by scheduling screenings that you are due for such as colonoscopy, mammogram, dental, dietitians and for the guys check your blood pressure and heart regularly… Practice strength training by doing pushups, squats, and sit ups. Build up lean body mass.
  • Snack smarter by eliminating processed snacks. Sneak more fiber into your food – add lentils to your salad, high fiber cereal to your yogurt, raspberries to your salad.
  • Do something that requires concentration and coordination like hula-hooping, and burn off calories while having fun. Try to learn something new every month to keep your brain active!
  • Aim to set aside 15 minutes every day to deep breath, meditate, pray, or do yoga
  • Joining a Support Group to share your concerns and experiences is vital to your success—try to team up with a friend from the Support Group with whom you can share your journey, such as being exercise buddies and sharing recipes.

Change your relationship with food


  • Reinforce your motivation by rewarding yourself with treats – not food treats but healthy treats. This is really key; you need to change your relationship with food if you are going to be successful. Find other ways to motivate you don’t use food! Also find new mecha-nisms to cope with stress to replace food as your emotional crutch.
  • A visit to a spa, a new exercise outfit, a facial, music on your iPod, a fitness ball, a jump rope, a massage, a new book, a day by yourself, etc…Ask someone to join you with your exercise, or a healthy cooking class, or just a day together. Reflect on all of the things you are doing right, and write them down. Treat yourself to a nice, new, pretty journal and write down your experiences along your journey to health!
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