Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery

The cost of gastric bypass ranges from R130 000 to upwards depending
on the procedure that is best suited for your individual case. The good
news is that, increasingly, medical aid companies are offering gastric
bypass surgery cover for all or part of the gastric bypass cost if your doctor
establishes medical necessity and if you meet the terms and conditions
of your medical aid scheme.
The cost of gastric bypass surgery comprises:
Anesthesia fees
The hospital facility fee
The surgeon’s fee
Pre-op lab and X-ray fees
Some period of time after surgery
for post-operative care
Factors not included in the cost of gastric bypass:
• Post-surgery behaviour,
exercise and diet counselling,
including the cost of vitamins and supplements.
• Additional body contouring surgeries to remove excess skin, lift
sagging body areas, improve loose muscles or treat fat deposits.
Additional procedures may include a facelift, breast augmentation,
breast lift, abdominoplasty, liposuction, gynecomastia surgery or
labiaplasty surgery.
Many factors affect the gastric bypass surgery cost, including:
• Your health plan. If your surgeon or hospital is an in-network
• The length of your hospital stay.
What to Ask Your Bariatric Surgeon and Your Medical Aid about the Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery:
1. What is the cost of gastric bypass surgery?
2. What does the cost include? Some bariatric surgeons will
quote one all-encompassing price, while others will quote the
cost of surgery only, not taking into account pre-op tests or
hospital charges.
3. Will my insurance cover all or part of the procedure?
4. Will my insurance cover any complications or additional operations
after gastric bypass surgery?
5. Do you offer patient financing plans to help with cost?

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