Social Network For People With Chronic Conditions

We have launched collaboration with a social network for people with chronic conditions (including, but not limited to people with obesity).  The network is at  Registration and use is at no cost to the user.

There are a number of ways that the network can assist people to stay in touch, provide mutual support, share information and so on.  We have been extremely careful with privacy and confidentiality.  So, for example, upon registration people can choose to make themselves discoverable on the network by name and/or diagnosis.  The default is set to non-discoverable and the registrant chooses how (or if) they want to be seen on the network.  Also, once they are a member, everything that they do can be kept private, shared only with people that they have selected to be Links in their Health Chain, shared with anyone with their condition within the network, shared across the entire network, or shared with the world beyond the network.  Once again, the default setting is private, and every time something is done on the network the member makes a choice as to how, and with whom, that is shared.





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