Mandy Read

Dr Mandy Read 1


MSc Dietetics (Hons) University of KwaZulu-Natal,

Diploma in Hospital Dietetics (OFS). RDSA


Work experience:


After graduating, she practised at Addington Hospital for 6 years as Head of the Dietetics Department.  Mandy left Addington 26 years ago to begin her highly successful private practise.  She then returned to University part-time to obtain her honours in Dietetics (1992) and her Master’s degree (2007) as part of her continuing education.  Apart from counselling patients, Mandy has held many seminars, given lectures and had taken part in radio and TV shows.  She is presently consulting for St Augustine’s and Parklands Hospital, lectures part time on the UKZN campus at Durban Westville and the Natal Tecknikon.  She trainings dietetic students.  She is a past chairman of the prestigious Natal Branch of the Association of Dietetics in Southern Africa (ADSA).  Mandy has completed unique research on patients with renal disease and has presented these findings at local and international congresses. Her research master’s was on the use of probiotics in Cystic Fibrosis patients.  She consults to industry in food service and has been doing legal work since 2009.  Mandy is actively involved in the continued education for ADSA attending local and international congresses.  She has been working with Dr Du Toit and Dr Funnell since the inception of the bariatric surgery at St Augustine’s hospital and runs the support group for these patients.  

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  1. Hi there, I started my liquid diet, but not quite shure about a few things.
    1. Custard- do I make it myself with lowfat milk, custard powder en sweetener or can I have the UltraMel Custard?
    2. Porridge- made from Instant Maize porridge with melk en sweetener? I can’t eat oats. It upsets my tummy in a very bad way.
    3. soup – can I have CupaSoup Chicken nodle?
    I would appreciate any advice!
    The Full Liquid Diet is clear to me. I have no questions to ask.
    My Gastric Bypass is next week Tuesday.
    Thank you

    Kind regards
    Beate Corver

    P.s. My email address is

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