Couple gains a new lease on life after metabolic surgery

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Couple gains a new lease on life after metabolic surgery

Multidisciplinary support for patients at SASSO’s centre of the year

Wednesday, 8 November 2017, Gastric bypass surgery is popularly associated with weight loss, however it is the health and wellness benefits, rather than the cosmetic changes, that can be achieved with holistic, multidisciplinary support that are the greatest benefits to be gained with this type of intervention.


“Before my gastric bypass surgery in August last year, I weighed close on 117kg while my husband was at 143kg before his surgery at the end of March this year, and we both suffered from hypertension.

I never would have believed that within a year we could feel so energetic and healthy as we do now. In fact, we no longer have to take blood pressure medicine, as our hypertension has been resolved since the surgery,” says 53-year-old Cecilia Deetlefs of Warner Beach, KwaZulu-Natal.

Since their gastric bypass operations, Marthinus and Cecilia Deetlefs have lost 33kg and 49kg respectively, and say they feel more energised since the procedures.

“Aside from the hypertension, my husband was suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea and he also started experiencing problems with one of his knees, leading an orthopaedic surgeon to advise that he would soon have to have a knee replacement.”

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