A New Look Website For Us…and perhaps a New You in 2014


If you are a regular visitor to our website no-doubt you would have noticed a fresh new look and some awesome new features we have added:

  1. Read All About the Success Stories of some of the Bariatric Patients of both Dr Gert du Toit and Dr Ivor Funnell Success Stories
  2. We will also be publishing a Monthly Newsletter – Please feel free to subscribe and receive great advice from our team of professionals and Post and Pre-Surgery Patients on what to do before and after having Bariatric Surgery.
  3. Join our Support Group on Facebook and start a conversation about your personal Journey after weight-loss surgery Connect with Us on Facebook
  4. Get involved in helping each other along the journey Join Our Monthly Support Group Meetings
  5. St Augustine Hospital is our Bariatric Center of Excellence – we offer world class facilities and our Netcare Staff are counted among the best in South Africa
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